Maryam Matar

Founder & Chairperson, UAE Genetic Diseases Association

Dr. Maryam Matar, M.D., Ph.D. is celebrated as the most powerful scientist in the UAE. Her remarkable contributions to preventive healthcare and advancing genetic sciences in the Arab world have earned her a place among the top 20 Arab scientists, as recognized by the British Scientific Community.

Dr. Matar is an Epigenetics and regenerative therapies pioneer in the Arab region and makes continuous efforts for creating scientific conversations and communities for these topics, which she considers as the future of healthcare. Dr. Matar is working towards building the better healthcare models in the Arab region with her projects and studies in these fields.

Her signature Reprogram Your Genes awareness program is used in more than 200 academic institutions and over 150 organisations, where she has engaged with young students to working professionals, inspiring them to live healthier. Her scientific events and talks about the advancements in Epigenetics and regenerative therapies for betterment of the population health empower physicians and medical professionals with the tools and information to serve their patients better.

Inspirational women role model and scientist of the Arab world

Taking her vision of representing and promoting the women scientists, she has consistently initiated and supported campaigns and discussions on stage and she is chosen as one of the most influential role model and inspirational woman leader. Dr. Matar is the recipient of more than 35 leading scientific and leadership awards. recognitions and board memberships from the MENA region, recognizing her contribution towards preventive healthcare, epigenetics and regenerative therapies and women leadership. She has been a recipient of the pioneering Arab Woman in Healthcare Innovation during the ceremony of the 21st Pioneer Leadership Award in Healthcare in Kuwait and “Arab Excellence Award for Scientific Research” by the General Secretariat of the Arab League and the Women in Tech® Lifetime Achievement Award from The Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park towards promoting gender equality in the tech sector.